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Satisfyer Curvy 2+ is a shock-wave vibrator that gently embraces the clitoris with its soft silicone head and gives dizzying orgasms thanks to contactless wave stimulation and pleasant vibrations. You can choose the intensity of seductive wave stimulation and completely freely combine it with vibration programs — and this game will tempt you with waves of excitement. Do you like pampering yourself in the shower or in a relaxing foam bath? This is not a problem, because Curvy 2+ has a waterproof body (IPX7) and will become your companion in these exciting adventures. If the toy is discharged, you can easily and without harm to the environment recharge the lithium-ion batteries using the included USB magnetic charging cable.
The peculiarity of this game is not only in its ergonomic shape and impressive power, but also in the ability to breathe new life into your love games with the help of control through the app. With the Satisfyer Connect app, which is available for free for Android and iOS, you can connect the Satisfyer Curvy 2+ via the Internet or Bluetooth to your smartphone, which can then be used as a remote control. If you want to control the stimulation of the clitoris, even your Apple Watch and tablet can do it. With the help of the application, you can convert surrounding noises into seductive vibrations that you can feel directly through Satisfyer. In addition, you can even transfer entire Spotify playlists that will set the rhythm of the toy’s vibrations. Of course, you can also entrust control to your partner or other users and allow them to control your stimulation through the application — be it live, remote, or via video chat. The path to pulsating orgasms has never been so diverse.

Of course, the Satisfyer Connect app corresponds to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and meets the German and European data protection rules. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption implemented by us, love games for two will remain exclusively between you.

Don’t be afraid, try Satisfyer Curvy 2+ with innovative control through the app and unlock completely new heights in love games!
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