EGZO Tough cat kondoom

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Tired of boring condoms causing discomfort? Egzo Tough Cat novelty condoms are a great way to solve this problem. Designed for maximum enjoyment for her and increased tightness for him.
For women, Egzo Tough Cat condom with medium stiff 3 blue lines of spikes running along the penis and a set of blue spikes on top of the tip create new sensations whereas increasing the girth of the penis. For men, sex feels more intense and tighter.
Latex condom with a classic shape. The condom is covered with piquant and soft tendrils and/or dots. Those details will allow you to feel every heatwave and vibration your partner sends your way. This condom will burst the expectations of every lover who wants to know the facets of enjoyment.
Suitable to use with water-based and oil based lubricants and sex toys. Made for her pleasure.
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